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Five Ways to Get FREE FoxyVPN Service

For a limited time, we are offering free service for any of our VPN plans. Check them out:

1. Switch from your old VPN provider - 1 Month Free
Signup for any FoxyVPN package and E-mail us your receipt or proof of a previous order with another VPN service. We will refund your payment and allow remaining usage of FoxyVPN for 1 month.

2. Refer a friend - 1 Month Free
We will credit your account 1 free month (regardless of service level) for each new person you refer to FoxyVPN. Your service credit will be issued to you once you confirm with us the E-mail of the new subscriber.

3. Write a 800+ word Blog article about FoxyVPN - 1 Month free.
We must verify the blog site the article will be posted on first. Just E-mail us the URL of your blog before writing the article for our approval.

4. Translate 1000 words on our site to your language - 3 Months Free
Please contact us first to let us know which language you would like to translate to and we will provide the English text required for translation.

5. Link to FoxyVPN.com from your website - Indefinite
Maintain a link to FoxyVPN.com from your website, which we must approve of first. We will continue to provide free service as long as the link remains, however either you or FoxyVPN can choose to end the agreement by removing the link or discontinuing free service at any time.

Contact us to start using FoxyVPN for free!

Five Ways FoxyVPN for Free!
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